Our Menu of Erotic Massage Rates


The Essential Indulgences...


1. The Blissful Blitz - R400

A satisfying snack for the man on the move - (an “eats shoots and leaves” nibble) a 30 minute hors d’oeuvre - emphasis on straight up sensuality and bite - sized back massage.


2. Tantalizing Titbits - R500

The entrée - a little tart, but tender - 45 minute mix of massage, topped with a creamy scoop of sensuality - brief, but sufficient for you to leave with a satisfied smile.


3. Decadent Delicacies - R600

A hearty main course for the man with an appetite - 60 languorous minutes of unrushed, mind blowing massage garnished with lust - and drizzled with foxy flavour.


4. Perfect Palate Pleaser - R800

Princely pampering - a 90 minute massage and sensuality combo. Recommended - side dish of “straight laced seduction” or “lingerlicious lingerie”. Pairs well with candlelit bubble bath and/or spicy lap dance.


5. Feast Of The Strumpets - R1000

Second helpings - have your cake and eat it! Be the naked Chef for two hours - recommended corseted Contessa, French champagne, ice cube and blind fold. Erotic massage rates for the discerning high roller.

An Extra Little Bit On The Side


Straight Laced Seduction

The corseted Contessa dress up - silk and satin, leather and lace, black panties with an angel’s face.


Agent Provocateur

A selection of lingerlicious lingerie.


Bachelor’s Last Stand

AKA prisoner’s last meal - en route to the gallows.


Double Trouble

Opulent - ideal for couples - (two ladies) recommended - Dinner and a show! - Eyes wide shut.


Got Something Else In Mind?

Available on request and by appointment. Send us a wish list, we’ll get creative and whip up something delicious. Contact us here.