The Venue


A tale with a happy ending…

The rays of the setting sun bounce like cupid’s arrows off the elegant sign, staining it a burnished gold.

The 50 Shades Room

Dusk. The magic hour. He's contacted us, and made a booking.

His hand quivers, as he presses the discreet doorbell. Two sets of gates, like Venus fly traps, open and swallow him, guiding his trusty German steed into a spacious parking stable (spacious enough for a politician’s motorcade of 40).

Twinkling lights, gentle lapping of the turquoise pool, manicured lawns.

The reception door winks coquettishly.
He enters.

Music, feminine laughter, clicking of stilettos, tinkling of glasses.

"Welcome to The Venue Sir"

A brass bell rings. Smiling and flirtatious introductions. Sexy cleavage, mini skirts. So many women… So little time…

"Would you like a drink?"

He is given a tour. Lounge with leather couches. Fireplace. Intimate ambiance.

He sinks into a comfortable wingback chair. Complimentary hand massage. Refreshing drink.

His stressful day now a distant memory.

A soft, sensuous hand touches his shoulder. Whispering Ruby lips,

"Would you like me to spoil you?"

He follows the pair of sculpted ankles.

At the end of a passage, an open door beckons. Soft music. The cool breeze of the fan. The room is bathed in a rosy light, filled with a subtle fragrance.

In the large mirror he can see a pair of hands loosening his tie.

"Let me turn on the shower and wash your back"

She dries him off with a soft, fresh towel.

He lies down on the extra wide massage bed. Closes his eyes.

The outside world dissappears, as he becomes a willing victim...
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