Tigress Tongue

The Tigress Tongue

And now he was on his way up to her room....

well, she could always have him thrown out. Problem was that he was so damn attractive (of course he knew it - and expected all women to fall like dominoes).
His body had felt firm and sculpted, as he had pressed against her in the firelight. "I know you want me, let me show you what a well rounded chap I really am". That English accent made her wet instantly.
He stood there, waiting, devilishly confident, sandy haired. "I guess that's not a gun in your pocket" she smiled, unbuttoning his jeans. Nice girls do not do things like this.....

his zipper crackled like machine gun fire.....

He had a handsome, thank heavens, circumcised, penis. "You just want me to get all slutty, don't you? Well tonight I'll show you who's the real boss". Her scarlett lips took his cock hostage. He groaned as her nimble tongue found his most sensitive spot.
He closed his eyes. The bathroom had turned into a steamy, tropical jungle - the tigress tongue lapped away at his crown jewels. He was rock hard. Her small, feminine hands, (he had admired them earlier) found their way around the base of his cock,

The Tigress Tongue entwined him,

began a dance of seduction..... quick, quick, slow, quick quick slow. A pelvic foxtrot. Pausing only when her mouth took a turn. Her, hot breath, her wet mouth, his racing heart. "I want to come in your mouth" he groaned. Yet he did not want the sweet agony to end. "And then what?" her voice purred. He could feel her cat's eyes watching his every move. "Tell me, or I'll stop". "Tell me what you want to do to me".
As the tsunami hit and he felt his molten semen gushing into her mouth, he clung to her, like a drowning man to a raft, his fingers branding her pale skin, claiming her, shackling her. He could feel the familiar wave, swelling, ready to break. The Tigress Tongue had done its job.

He opened his eyes, grabbed her wrist, "Then I will take you to bed till dawn, and I will spend every moment of this night discovering the delights of every nook and cranny of your body - till you beg for mercy".

"Tonight we surrender our souls".