Out of Order Sex

Out of Order Sex


The South Easter had finally taken a much needed nap.

Shadows were growing longer, the girl’s skirts shorter.

Cocktail hour.
Magic hour.

Cathedral bells in the distance. The cries of flower vendors.
Soon the cars would start flowing down Bree street, for a night on the town.

He looked at his watch.

She was late.

Well, tonight he would show her, who was boss.

(She had better be prepared for some out of order sex)

He heard the soft footsteps behind him.
Smelt the familiar perfume. Issey Miake. Her signature scent.

Teasing fingertips on the back of his neck.

Hot cat’s tongue circling his earlobe.

Cat’s eyes smiling into his.

Vintage choker. Lips a gash of scarlett.

Victorian corset. Cinching a tiny waist. How the hell could she breathe in that?

“Order me a Tanquearay, please. I’ll be right back.”

She placed her foot in the noir slingback on the barstool and tightened the shoe strap.

He drank in the taffeta skirt, the mermaid fishnets.

He felt himself grow hard.

He watched her from the courtyard balcony.
The guest cloakroom was in the boutique hotel across.

He would give her a few minutes.

He remembered how she had grown wet instantly, each time he touched her. Hot and wet, welcoming him inside, begging him for more.


His phone beeped.

“I can read your mind”.

Why not?

The cloakroom handle turned with difficulty. Inside the lights were dim.

“You took your time” she whispered.

“Shut up”.

He pushed her into a corner, up against the wall, his hand between her thighs.

Tracing the inside of her thigh to the edge of the suspender belt. Warm, firm flesh, edged with siren’s nets.

He felt the wetness through the delicate lace panties.

He heard their breathing.
Tigers in a jungle.

Slowly, he pushed the panties to the side...

Inserting a finger, then two...

“I know you want me to fuck you here. Here and now”

He cupped her breast , circling the nipple, sending darts of pleasure to her delta of Venus.

Tonight, everything will burn.

He lifted her up onto the marble vanity top.

He remembered how sometimes, in a restaurant she had playfully placed her foot in his crotch, turning his cock to rock, instantly.

He felt her hand unzipping him.

He spread her thighs wider.

Started to tease her slowly. Keeping her at arms length.

He felt her throbbing under his touch.

Wrapping her legs around him, guiding him inside, she opened to him completely.

It was too much....

Tonight I’m in charge” he breathed, “and don’t you forget it, you little vixen”

“We have all the time in the world.”

“But the hotel staff will bust us” she moaned into his mouth, as his tongue slowly, deliciously explored hers, in tempo with his slow thrusting.

“Oh, don’t worry Gigi, I’ve bolted the door and placed the OUT OF ORDER SEX sign on it.’

“And if I scream?” She challenged him.

He slipped off his silk Pierre Cardin.

“This will do the trick, madame”. With a predatory kiss, he erased the last of the scarlett lipstick. The speckled band, snaked around her mouth, ensnared her muffled moans.

He hadn’t bothered to shave that morning. His five o clock shadow was exquisite fine sandpaper, gliding over her neck, her earlobes, her nipples that became tightly wound raspberry buds.

A soft pink flush spread across her breasts, her cheeks. Her eyes shone feverishly. Burning green onyx.

She raised her hips. Her pelvic muscles tightened around him. He wanted nothing more than to ride her into an orgasmic gallop.

No. Not yet.

He knew what she wanted.

His fingertips parted the petals of her pink lotus flower.

His tongue found the third, most sensitive raspberry bud of all.

It was ripe, ready to burst open. He rasped it lightly with his stubble.

She gasped.
Her muffled moans, her panting spurred him on.

“Have I ever told you, Gigi, that you have the most perfect pussy?”

Now don’t act all coy with me. You think nice boys don’t do stuff like this.

Oh yes, they damnwell do”

In fact, Gigi, ( and he was on a roll now, finding this dirty talk completely liberating), “let me tell you, you have the most beautiful cunt”.

“And tonight, I am going to fuck you all night long. This, my dear, is just a teaser. An amuse bouche.”

He could feel she was on the brink of a vesuvian explosion.

He remained buried in her musky wetness till her tremors subsided.

Then, tenderly, he slipped off the silk gag and traced her mouth with his fingertip.

“And now, GIGI, am going to take you upstairs and we will continue this till dawn”.

I know you like a bit of the rough. And I have a few tricks up my sleeve.
Me, you, a bottle of coconut oil and your tight little arse....”

She blushed like a school girl.

“Oh don”t be so coy. I know how you like it, the tradesmans entrance. Nice boys study that, too.”

He inserted a finger.

I”ll do this till you beg me to stop”.

“Deeper” she moaned. “Please”.

“And when you are ready, I will bend you over that fourposter bed, and fuck you like a Greek virgin.”

And afterwards I will hold you close to me all night”.

“You see, I know you Gigi. I know that under that MISS BITCH veneer there’s a delicate porcelain tea cup.
I won’t break it.

“Deeper” she moaned.”You know exactly what to do to me”...

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