Elysium Spa Frequently Asked Questions

 Please read through these FAQ for any answers you may be seeking.

Pictures of goddesses at Elysium Spa

Q: Do all the ladies at the spa have pictures on the Elysium website?
A: No, some ladies prefer not to have their photos online. Please call 011 781 6834 and visit to view those ladies in person.


Q: Are all the goddesses shown on the website available at all times?
A: No, Elysium Spa values their massueses and doesn’t restrict or coerce them into any rigid schedules or shifts. This means our goddesses are free to work when they want  to, in relation to demand. Please call 011 781 6834 to confirm who is available.


Q: Where is Elysium Spa?
A: We are located at 13 Rhodes street (Rhodes as in “Cecil John Rhodes” - Not Roads), Kensington B, Randburg. Click here to view a map and directions to our venue.

Communication / Queries

Q: Do you provide info via email?
A: Yes we do. However, our admin staff are busy working tirelessly to ensure the venue is secure and up to standard for our clients, therefore it’s advisable to rather call our friendly reception ladies on 011 781 6834 to have your questions answered quickly.

Visiting The Venue

Q: Can I visit the venue at any time?
A: Yes you can, provided it’s within business hours. If you would like to attend in a group, it’s a good idea to call ahead to ensure our ladies can be available to cater to your needs. Our business hours are Monday – Saturday: 10:00 – late. Sunday: 10:00 – 20:00.

On-site Facilities

Q: May I use the facilities, such as the swimming pool when I visit?
A: Yes you may. Please call 011 781 0245 / 6834 to discuss your specific requirements.


Q: If I want a massage by a particular goddess, do I need to book?
A: Yes you do. Please call to book and ensure your goddess can accommodate your schedule. Regardless, we urge our clients to visit at any time – We offer a complimentary beverage, as well as a free hand massage on arrival, this will to give you time out to peruse the ladies that are available before making a choice.

Groups / Special Events / Private Events

Q: Can I book a group for a business, birthday or batchelor’s event?
A: Yes you can. In this regard, booking is essential and we may charge a booking fee to secure the date/time you require. Please call 011 781 6834 for more info on events.

Conferences / VIP Membership

Q: Is the venue available for any type of event – Such as a conference?
A: No. Our events are centered around our goddesses and massage services. We do however have themed days that are available to Elysium’s VIP members. Click here request VIP membership and here for email notifications about our events.

Man-on Man Massage

Q: Do you provide massage for men (guy on guy)?
A: Yes we do, and  we are looking for Straight, Bi, Gay Male Messeurs - if you feel you would like to work at our venue, please visit our employment site here.

Girl on Girl Massage

Q: Do you provide girl on girl massage?
A: Yes, please peruse our website categories to see which goddesses cater for this service or call 011 781 6834 for more info.

Couples Massage

Q: Do you provide massage for couples (men/women together)?
A: Yes we do, please peruse our website categories to see which goddesses cater for this service or call 011 781 6834 for more info.

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