Tantric Massage

Why you should consider Tantric Massage

Sensual massage is using your hands and body to stimulate your partners sense of touch. It is a way to relax and excite your partner at the same time and it is a way that you can improve your sex life with your partner. You can experience sensual feelings and arousals that may be new to you. Sensual massage can vastly improve the intimacy of a couple as well as their lovemaking. It can help couples overcome self-conscious thoughts and allows you to fully express yourself sexually.

Sensual massages have been around for thousands of years. It was highly popular in eastern cultures and was centred around giving people a physical as well as a sensual and spiritual experience. Tantric massage and sensual massage is believed to have started in Indian and Chinese cultures. These cultures are very spiritual and they are highly sensual, burning incense and using other healing herbs. Massages in the western civilisations were more focused on the medicinal and healing properties of massages. Modern couples of today are rediscovering themselves through sensual and tantric massages.

The tools that are used during a sensual massage can vary from professional to professional and they can incorporate a lot of different feelings and sensations. Some will use oils and creams that have a scent that can relax or stimulate the person receiving the massage and others will use a plain, scentless oil that just makes the massage a lot smoother and softer, they are simply a lubricant. Some massagers would also mix it up a little and incorporate items with different textures such as feathers or silk, to increase the sensations experienced from the massage.

There are several techniques that are used today in Tantric Massage. Some of the most popular strokes are the fan stroke, the stretching strokes and the circle strokes. Usually the massage will involve soft, short strokes in the beginning and then progress into long, harder strokes as the muscles become more supple. This will relax the recipient and send them into a state of utter relaxation. Elysium Spa uses the best oils and techniques to ensure that you get a sensual massage to remember.

Physiological Effects
A sensual massage is healthy and is also sexy. The physical experiences you will have are part of it and you have to just let it happen and kind of ride it out. Sensual massages help to increase your blood flow throughout your entire body. The stress hormone is reduced and he hormone associated with affection and bonding is increased. Regular massages can lead to improved functioning of your immune system and also, better overall health.