Stressed Businessmen Need to Unwind

Are you one of those stressed businessmen need to unwind?

Can’t seem to relax or let go of the stresses from your hectic week. You need another escape, somewhere where you can completely be yourself without worrying about being judged or what people think, a place where you can feel like a king and be waited on hand and foot by around 20 seductresses, all willing to do anything you request.

If this sounds like the kinda place you want to find yourself in, then Elysium Spa is the place for you. Once you arrive, every bone in your body will start to tingle with excitement. Your heart will start beating faster and faster until you reach the front door. You will be greeted by a beautiful lady who will offer you a beverage, a seat and a hand massage to kick things off.

You are sitting comfortably, chatting your worries away with a woman who has given you her undivided attention. You can’t help but to hear giggling and the sound of clinking glasses. Your curiosity takes over and you finally ask about what is going on further up the passage. The lady accompanying you gives you a naughty smile and says “come with me sir”. She takes you by the hand and leads you to another room where there are 20 of the most gorgeous women you will ever meet.

Once you enter, they go silent, each taking their turn to look you up and down, all of them smiling as if they have been waiting only for you. You are swarmed by these women and so many thoughts are going through your head that you can barely contain yourself. You find yourself looking at the perfect cleavage of the women, looking up and down their beautiful legs, from their well-manicured toe nails in stilettoes up their beautifully defined calves and silky smooth thighs and all you want to do is touch.

A voice comes from the back of the room saying “calm down ladies, this one is mine”. Your eyes shoot to wear the voice came from and suddenly your eyes meet the eyes of a gorgeous lady. There she was, the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen. Soft sunlight coming through the window is making her body glow like she was an angel. She starts moving towards you, still locking eyes with you. Your hand to starts to tremble as she touches it, moving her fingers in between yours. She takes you by the hand and leads you up the passage into a room…

Well, let your imagination take care of the rest.

Stressed businessmen need to unwind and Elysium Spa is the perfect place to unwind and forget about all your worries. It is close to Sandton CBD and a quick drive from OR Tambo International Airport. Let your senses explode in the world of erotic massage.