Practice Sensual Massage

How to practice sensual massage on your female partner.

Take your time
You can’t just jump into a sensual massage and think that your lady is going to love it, it requires certain “ingredients” to give a sensual message that she will absolutely love. Practice sensual massage – It takes patience and tenderness and self-discipline. In order to pleasure her the way she wants you to, you have to have all the right ingredients. Here are a few must haves:

Setting the mood
Setting the mood is probably the most important aspect of a sensual massage, after all, it is sensual. She needs to feel as comfortable as possible.

Every girl loves a dimly lit room with a few candles. It creates a more romantic setting for your sensual massage. Now its time to prepare the place where you are going to do the actual massage. You will need a firm flat surface for her to lie on. The bed will work perfectly. If you are only doing a head and scalp massage, then a normal chair will work perfectly. Again, she needs to be as comfortable as possible.

The choice of music is also vital. You will need soft music that creates an easy mood. You could use ambient sounds if you so choose but other music works just as well. Use the music that will help you achieve your goal, if you are performing this sensual massage for it to lead to sex then some soulful music will do, if you want her to only achieve orgasm, something sexy will work best and if the point of the massage is just to put her to sleep then something soft and tranquil is required.

The oil
Oil is your main ingredient and it will help smooth things along. There are a large variety of oils available to you. Do some research into what each oil does and how it smells, the smell is very important in a sensual massage. These oils are available at pharmacies, skin care stores and spa shops.

The most popular choice is Almond oil. It keeps your hands running smoothly over her body, it doesn’t absorb too quickly, so you don’t have to keep reapplying it.

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